My journey

I have always thought that one day I would like to run my own Alexander teacher training school and this is now becoming a reality. City Alexander Technique School has been approved by STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) and we are now accepting applications with a projected start in September this year.

I can genuinely say that I have loved teaching the Alexander Technique since I qualified in 1984. It is never boring and is like a never-ending journey of discovery. I find it a privilege to meet such a lot of wonderful people of all ages, backgrounds and with their own unique stories to tell and reasons for wanting to learn Alexander Technique.

I came across the Alexander Technique when working for a Swedish alternative journal in 1980. After an 8-day residential Alexander course I knew this was something I wanted to explore for my self in a much deeper way. Having practised yoga and meditation here was a practical method, applicable to everyday life, which embodied the mindfulness I had been trying to develop. The best, and in the long term most cost effective, way to learn seemed to be the 3-year full-time teachers training course so I came back to London to train. It was a decision that made itself and I have never looked back. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Over the past 28 years I have run my own private practice and alongside it I have taught the Alexander Technique in workshops, adult education classes, introductory residential courses, evening classes and given talks to a wide variety of audiences and groups of people. I have worked with actors, musicians, singers and performers of all types, including whole choirs. I have worked with pregnant women and their partners and new mothers, as well as with runners, older people and professionals of all kinds. For nearly 12 years I have also taught on the training course at the AT Studio in South West London and this experience has been essential to launch me into this next phase of my career.

Kamal and I have worked together with the Technique and both teach at the Alexander Technique Centre at Old Street and at the City Lit in Holborn. We have both also been active with STAT and served on the PR Committee and Council, including being Chairs of the STAT Council. It seems natural that we further come to work together in running a training course.

I feel very excited to share my enthusiasm of the Alexander Technique and embark on this next step in my own Alexander journey.

You are welcome to join me!