Lessons, Classes and Courses

A one-to-one lesson with one of our teachers will usually give you the best introduction to the Technique and help you decide if a course of lessons would be of benefit to you. We also hold introductory classes and courses for small groups at the centre or can do so on your premises by arrangement. Please contact us if you would like an introductory one-to-one session or a group course.

Tai Chi 

We are starting one hour Yang Style Tai Chi sessions with Kamal Thapen on Wednesday evening from 5.00 to 6.00 pm. A 6 week set starts on Wed 7th June, cost £90. Please contact Kamal to book a place.


with Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT on Saturday 3rd June (1 pm – 6 pm)
In this course you will discover how I have been incorporating many of the Dart Procedures into my teaching for the last 45 years. I have found that these Procedures have been of great value to many pupils coming for lessons in the Technique including, for example, top professional singers, people with severe neck and back problems and even disabled people.
You will learn new ways of working that will be inspirational for your Alexander Technique teaching practice. The course is open for all teachers and senior students in training.
The evolution of movement processes developed from the exploratory work of Professor Raymond Dart in the 1940’s based upon his experiences with the Alexander Technique. I have been working with these procedures since 1970. What you will learn in this course is based upon my book The Evolution of Movement which I published in 2015.
A number of processes are very relevant in the Alexander Technique teaching situation. In this course you can gain new insights as to how to balance your right and left bodies, how to manage your breathing, and how to help yourself and others with back problems and coordination issues. By employing conscious inhibition and conscious direction in these procedures you enhance and expand your skill as an Alexander Technique teacher.
DATE & TIME: 13.00 – 18.00 (1 – 6pm) SATURDAY June 3rd 2017
VENUE: CityATS, 202 City Rd, EC1V 2PH
COST: £50 teachers £35 trainees.
Cheques to: ROBIN SIMMONS First Direct 40-47-86  account number 80374865
CONTACT: Robin John Simmons   info@alexander-technik-schweiz.com to confirm your place.

Thinking Hands and Thinking Hands Talking and Listening

Half-day workshop for teachers at CityATS with Brita Forsstrom
Date: Repeat date to be announced, Time: 1.30-4.30, Cost: £55

This is a workshop that was originally given as part of the Continuous Learning sessions at the International Alexander Technique Congress in Limerick, Aug 2015.

If I have confidence in my hand that draws, it is because as I was training it to serve me, I never allowed it to dominate my feeling. I very quickly sense when it is paraphrasing something, if there is any discord between us: between my hand and the ‘je ne sais quoi’ in myself which seems submissive to it.
The hand is only an extension of sensibility and intelligence. The more supple it is, the more obedient. The servant must not become the mistress.”  Henri Matisse in Jazz

If we substitute the word ‘draws’ with ‘teaches’  it could be written about our work. The use of the hands are an essential part of the teacher’s own good use.

I will go through some hands thinking including anatomy, evolution, ulnar deviation, hands on the back of the chair, hands on the seat of the chair, hands on the table and hands as feet, how different parts of the hands sense differently, and more. We will work in pairs using chairs, tables, polystyrene blocks, squeezy balls and tiny beads, and more.

We will take our thinking hands and let them do some talking – and some listening. That is about how we use hands to teach. We will explore applying the thinking in different ways of communicating with our hands. We will look particularly at two ways: one as extensions of our whole self, something at the end of the whole; the other in what I call self-motivated hands.

The Back School

Using demonstration, observation and gentle hands-on guidance, The Back School will teach you how to undertake everyday activities such as sitting at a work station, standing, walking, bending, lifting, using your body appropriately and with ease. We will also work with a lying down excercise to help your back. Gentle movements are performed with maximum attention and awareness. The school includes an introduction to the Alexander Technique, how it works and how it can add a new dimension of awareness, well being and creativity to your life. The sessions are very practical and involve an exploration of the main ideas and principles of the Alexander Technique to help your back.

Clinical trial results published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.a884) show that Alexander Technique lessons provide long-term benefit for chronic back pain sufferers. Of all the approaches tested, 24 Alexander Technique lessons proved to be most beneficial.

Learn how to sit well at your desk and work with desktop and mobile devices.  When: Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon                                                                          Start: Call or email us to book your place for an introductory session                            Cost: Only £30                                                                                                                   Audience: Suitable for anyone with back problems                                                        Venue: ATC, 202 City Road, London EC1V 2PH

Introduction to Alexander Teacher Training

Have you ever thought of training to teach the Alexander Technique? We are holding regular  free workshops for all people at any level of experience with an interest in Alexander teacher training. You will get individual hands-on from both teachers as well as practical activities giving you an experience of what takes place on the teacher training course. You will get information on the requirements for training and what the 3-year training course entails. There will be time for all your questions. 

Prospective trainees should contact us to arrange a free visit during the school week. For next free Sunday OPEN DAY see the side bar. All welcome.

For further information and details about the venue and course please contact Brita or Kamal.