Alexander Technique and Tai Chi Holiday Course in Puglia,
South Italy has been cancelled.

Following on our very successful course last year in Crete we are running another in Southern Italy this year. Combine a week of holiday with Alexander Technique and Tai Chi in the wonderful setting of Puglia in Italy.
Puglia, on the heel of the Italian boot, is a popular holiday destination in Italy. The south-eastern region is full of beautiful seaside towns, stunning city scenes full of culture and some fine Italian food. A mix of home-grown produce, beautiful fresh seafood and unique regional traditions go into making sure you will enjoy some of the tastiest treats in the country.

September is a great time to visit if you want to miss the crowds and still catch some Mediterranean sun. Temperatures are still consistently above 20 degrees during this time.

Our course is designed to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning Alexander Technique and Tai Chi for people of all levels from beginners to teachers. AT and Tai Chi are very compatible and we will look at how to apply Alexander principles to Tai Chi practice and how learning Tai Chi can support the learning of AT.

Whether you are new to AT and Tai Chi or if you would love to deepen or just refresh your learning, this course is for you. If you are a teacher you might like to attend for your own pleasure or CPD. It would be an enjoyable and informative CPD opportunity and you will receive a certificate of attendance. Come and learn in a relaxed, easy going atmosphere.

The course will run for six days with five teaching days and one free day in the middle of the week for sightseeing or just to laze around in the garden or on the beach.  The full course includes 30 minutes of Tai Chi each morning before a shared breakfast. This is followed by 2 hours of group Alexander Technique work, plus 15 minutes guided Constructive Rest lying down in semi-supine and a half hour talk before dinner. In addition you will receive three half hour individual AT lessons during the course. We are three AT teachers, Brita Forsstrom, Kamal Thapen and Antonella Cavallone, and you will have a chance to work with each one of us. Kamal is also a teacher of Tai Chi.

As the course takes place mainly in the mornings there will be plenty of free time to spend reflecting on what you are learning, on your own or sharing your experiences with other participants. Time to swim, walk, rest and enjoy the local food! You may also want to bring partners or family members to join in some of the learning sessions or just come and enjoy a holiday.





The course fee is £460. It is also possible to book for part of the week or simply to enjoy a holiday and only book some lessons. The fee for part of the course will be charged at £95 per day and lessons at £45 per lesson. Fees do not include flights, accommodation or meals. Early bird discount till 31 March 2022 – £25 off!!

Book now by emailing us to confirm names and making a payment by bacs transfer to the City Alexander Technique School bank account of £100 deposit per person; with the remaining £360 by 30th June 2022.

Brita Forsstrom:   Tel: +44 (0) 7739 796 514
Kamal Thapen:   Tel: +44 (0) 7775 934 448
Antonella Cavallone:  Tel:+44 (0) 7816 588 457

Because only a few places are available, if you need more information or time to decide please let us know and we will put you on our list as a provisional booking.

Puglia offers a range of different possibilities from small to large hotels, apartments, villas and rooms to rent. This is a corner of Italy where you can get really wonderful accommodation at a very affordable price. See –, etc. There will be one double room available in the villa itself as well.

The course will be at: Castellaneta Marina, Taranto, Puglia, Italy

The earlier you book the course and your flights the greater the availability and better the price. There are two airports nearby at Bari and Brindisi. You may of course wish to add further days for a holiday in Italy and fly into some other city, such as Rome or Naples.

Please contact us if you need help with travel logistics or booking accommodation.
Antonella, one of the teachers, is a native Italian from Puglia and can provide lots of help, information and tips.